Mexican Food- Info About Wonderful Cuisine

Authentic Mexican recipes are well worth making. Not only are the flavors wonderful but Mexican food recipes are a mix of all different flavors from a variety of countries. Different nations have influenced conventional Mexican recipes and these flavors and types, together with native Mexican flavors, are what is responsible for the wonderful Mexican recipes which are around today.

Before the Spanish arrived in Mexico, meat was relatively scarce, which is why beans and corn have been the principle dietary staples. Robust tasting spices and chilies were used so as to add flavor. Seafood has always been popular alongside the Mexican coastline. The Spanish additionally introduced cheese, chicken, onions, garlic and wheat, which the native Mexicans enjoyed adding to their very own dishes.

Mexican cuisines replicate colourfulness, a shade of merriment and variety in flavours. The warm climatic conditions and ethnic differences of the region have a played a telling role in shaping cooking habits.

Past conquests have led to a substantial influence of Spanish cooking. Its roots lies in the native staples of the Mayan Indians of the Yucatan Peninsula.

The staples of a Mexican diet are

Tortillas a sort of pancake comprised of wheat or maize flour. The versatility of the tortilla as a wrap is infinite. Tortillas can be used as a taco, tostada. They all are topped or stuffed with a variety of stuffings both vegetarian and meat based and served often with a dipping sauce such as chiptole, guacomole, salsa etc.