Great Insides on The Oregon State Capitol

Oregon State CapitolThe Oregon State Capitol is a government building that houses the offices of the governor, secretary of state, and minister of finance. The Capitol was built in 1938 and is the third in a row. The previous two capitols, constructed in 1855 and 1935, were destroyed in fires.

The architecture of the Capitol
Designed by New York architects, the modern Art Deco-style government building strikes with its unusual shape with wings and a dome. Above which a golden statue rises, more precisely a gilded bronze figure depicting the first Oregon settler, popularly referred to as the “Golden Man” or “Golden Boy”. The interior decoration of the Capitol is outstanding by an abundance of sculptures, fresco paintings, and elements made of marble.

If you would like to visit the Capitol, then reserve a place on the group excursion, which is usually organized during the summer. A tour of the State White House will allow you to see the places where legislatures are held, learn the history of the building, sit in the governor’s chair, and climb 121 steps to the highest point, where the observation deck is located and offers magnificent views of the Salem.

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